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The Goblin - A Christmas Tale


The Goblin - A Christmas Tale

According to Greek tradition, the Goblins are men with a dark fate transformed to evil creatures. The Goblins appear on earth for 12 days, from Christmas Eve' until Baptism of Christ (Jan 6).

In our story, Mr Xenophontas is a rich and trustworthy businessman that hates Christmas. His bad behavior will transform him to a Goblin!

At the same time, God will delegate a mission to a fallen Angel. To come down to Earth and find a ready bad person to make him feel kind and good to his fellow people. 

They will meet and walk through the Christmas City, the city where  Christmas is all year long, where magical creatures live like Fairies, Snow Flakes and Elves. Perhaps even Santa lives in Christmas City...

What a life adventure!

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