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Content Creation

Initial Concept / Idea

Starting from the initial idea, we develop the concept of a show.

Depending on the nature of the tour (which places - what venues), we design the concept and set specific guidelines for each show. 

Script & Lyrics

Script and lyrics are developed in house by team members.

Music composition and/or orchestration

Music is composed or orchestrated by our team.

Sound studio and dubbing services are also supported.

Set design and construction

Based on the guidelines the show sets are designed and construction is delegated to in house team or outsourced to trustworthy long term construction partners.

Costume design and manufacturing

Costumes design is essential and is developed according to the set design.

We develop in house or outsource elements to trustworthy manufacturing partners.

Light and sound design

Light and sound design plays a very important role in audience experience, so we give a lot of emphasis to what type of equipment will be used.

Technology features

We use software for running our shows (light, sound, video) and have the necessary equipment to meet audiences' highest standards of experience.

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